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Hospederia El AlmaZen

HopHost since 28 August 2017

Address Rancho Arriba
Town : San Jose de Ocoa
Country : Dominican Republic
Facility : Activities
Welcoming swaps : All year

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Telephone number : +1 809-8463340

What is the host AlmaZen? A bet for life.
More than eight years ago, my family and I committed ourselves to the task of building a community with a radically different way of life in the region of Rancho Arriba, in San José de Ocoa, in the Dominican Republic.
This ambitious bet, does not seek to change the world, seeks essentially to BE what this family group individually and collectively dreams of BEING.
It is a territory of 35 hectares, with slopes and slopes, which has native forest, coffee plantations, bananas and  orange fruits, avocado, guava, zapote, sweet lemon, etc …
We have 3 births of streams and several springs of pure mineral water. The path of the streams have created beautiful pools. We have named one of the pools as “La Poza Mágica” where you can enjoy a bath with the freshness of its water.
We also have a beautiful lagoon where tilapia fish live. In addition to the family home we have “Arco-iris” Community house with kitchen for 4 people ideal for families.
We reconstruct the old warehouse of coffee of more than 54 years creating the AlmaZen, spaces for the rest with details of designs Indues, Celts and Taínos.
The bathrooms are 100% ecological dry and the water showers are creek.
We have some animals like chickens, a mare, a month-old calf, two dogs, four cats, Tilapia fish and a large variety of birds in the area.
We have several organic gardens around the house from which we feed and feed visitors and a “chagra” or garden of medicinal plants, a house mesh for germination of plants.

Translated by Maud Vannelli, who discovered this place when she lived in the Dominican Republic.

We are lucky and privileged to live in a unique place in the heart of the mountains of the Dominican Republic, far from mass tourism, we propose an ecological and responsible offer. Come and discover the production of coffee and market gardening in the service of a permacoled development of our family and community. Come help us plant, harvest, share and communicate on our exceptional place that hopefully can serve as an example to other projects.


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