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Address 7, Lenin str.,
Town : Irkoutsk / Russia
Country : Autre pays
Facility : Funds and other organisations
Welcoming swaps : All year long

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Telephone number : +7 914 876 17 45

Baikal Lake is the biggest freshwater lake by volume on earth. Declared a Unesco World Heritage site in 1996, the lake is rich in biodiversity. If this lake is famous for being the deepest around the world: 1600m, it is important to keep in mind that there are more than 2000 km coastline…

The Great Baikal Trail organization has been created in 2003 by passionate people. They wanted to know more about the lake and give a chance to other people to discover it too.

Today, the organization contributes to the sustainable development of the lake thanks to the creation of new trails each summer. The goals are numerous:

  • Give the opportunity to discover the lake and the mountains around
  • Mark out the coastline
  • Raise awareness to unique biodiversity among tourists

To do so, GBT (Great Baikal Trail) organize series of volunteer projects for building trails. Projects are about 10 days and give a unique experience within the Siberian nature.

The organization obviously organizes maintenance projects as “what human builds needs to be kept up by humans”.

In winter, in parallel of preparing the new summer projects, Great Baikal Trail teams get involved in social and educative actions with schools around the lake. The goal? Raise awareness and conscientiousness of local communities towards environment and contribute in preserving the ecosystem. With recreational activities, it also give a chance to young people from more far away region to have access to information and education.

Great Baikal Trail invites you to discover a unique and exceptioal place: Baikal lake.

Whenever (winter / summer), no doubt about your surprise in front of such a nature.

We are waiting for you !

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During our visit to Great Baikal Trail in January 2017, we realized for them a video interview prensenting the organization and the winter educational projects with children all around Baikal.

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