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HopHost since 06 October 2016

Address Ghingran Road Rauli
Gopeshwar Chamoli
Town : Gopeshwar
Country : India
Facility : Packages and tours
Welcoming swaps : Different tours are open to book during the year, especially around March-April and October-November.

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Telephone number : +49 6721 979 6869

If you really want to absorb Indian Himalayan traditions, cultures, food, handicraft and general way of living than this is for you. We invite you to go through this mesmerizing journey of forests filled with wild flowers, butterflies, flower fairies (local legends), relish organic local cuisine, learn cooking from a local lady, look at the stars while listening to the stream of water, visit charming villages, try your hand at the local handicraft, dance and sing around the fire with locals, dining at villager’s home Himalayan style and much more. Our travels cannot be explained in words, this is something you will feel and capture in your hearts.

We opened our women shelter in 2004 for the local underprivileged women in Himalayas. In our area unfortunately because of the alcohol problems there are many young widows 19-25 years old and we didn’t want to just give them accommodation and meals to survive, our aim was to bring happiness in their lives. So a wonderful travel program has been created by employing underprivileged women and untouchable tribes. These women work as guides, cook, accommodation carer, handicraft program representatives, village program representatives and much more. We support the education system and provide carreer advise to the youth also. Our travellers get the opportunity to interact directly with the students too.


We believe in respecting the environmental and social responsibilities.

  • clean runs, providing dust bins and educating the villagers about the waste disposal. During one of our treks to the highest peak, on our descends our group gear up with gloves and big garbage bags in order to clean up the trekking path. and than we dispose off these garbage bags in a huge container provided by our partners.
  • our private land donated to the Army so that they can pursue their wonderful ‘planting the tree’ project to save the environment in Chamoli Garwhal


Like we say: Travels to remember!!!

We invite you to join us for this amazing adventure. Tours are open to book. Have a look on our website!

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We visited Poonam and her family on July 2017. We spent a couple of days in Gopeshwar, enjoying the beautiful himalaya.
The area is just amazing and the project led by Fernweh is very useful for women and remote communities.
We tried to help Fernweh and Poonam to reach french market and make Fernweh a bit more visible.
All the best!

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