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Expediciones Sierra Norte – Pueblos Mancomunados

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Address M. Bravo No. 210-A Plaza San Cristóbal, Col. Centro,
Town : Oaxaca
Country : Mexico
Welcoming swaps : All year long (to contact in advance)

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Telephone number : +5201(951)5148271

“Our visit in the mountains (la Sierra Norte) in Oaxaca state (Mexico) occured during the launch of a new tour : « the 7 colors of corn » ; a new way to discover one of the 8 Mancomunados community.

Between gastronomy and culture, visitor has the opportunity to understand how important is Mother-Earthh for indigenous people living in a region with rich resources.

With Angelina and Marie, we are amazed by the mountains where every village is connected to the other one by a trekking path that the visitor can use walking or biking.

In the Sierra Norte, adventure is the key word but as we also visited the bungalow and we can already warranty you about the cozy and relax side of the place. With fireplace, temascal and balconies with crazy view on the valley; you will be impressed!

This touristic project has been led by Mancomunados communty to preserve their land and save their culture. Organizaed by and around villagers; tourism gives opportunity to highlight the specificity of their indigenous culture, receive complementary income and develop.

Expediciones Sierra Norte is the office in the city center of Oaxaca. They promote tourism in the mountains to make sure visitors can discover a beautiful culture coming from Zapotec.

Well! Great! Ela & David “

The Mancomunados people invite you inside the mountains; an adventure land where you discover or rediscover indigenous culture coming from Zapotecs.

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