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La cabane tonneau au Coup de Canon
La cabane tonneau au Coup de Canon
Address Les Cabanes de Canon
Château de Canon
Country : France
Facility : Unusual lodgings

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Telephone number : +33 (0)2 31 90 94 49

The Coup de Canon (“Cannon shot”) is a totally magical place : get ready for an incredible adventure full of surprises.

The huts are immersed in a 100% natural and preserved environment, within an ecological (and educational !) farm including a lot of activities and many animals. The domain is by the castle of Canon, built in the sixteenth century.

The 5 huts are located at different heights, the highest being 22 meters ! This is the highest hut you can rent in Europe.

Hervé is the domain’s owner. He always has a lot of projects in mind and animates the site with passion.To reach your hut (that you have to book at least 3 months in advance !) you come across sheep, puppies, rabbits, chickens, llamas, turkeys, some “big beasts”, quail, geese, pigs, horses, but also apple trees, pear trees, an organic vegetable garden, rivers, etc.

To climb, you will need to experiment a little ropes course ! Everything is set up to allow you to evolve independently and completely melt into the spirit of the place. To preserve the wilderness side, the number of daily visitors is limited to 100.

The domain also offers its own (of course organic !) products : perry, cidre, calvados, apple jelly, fresh eggs, and other local delicacies.

Of course, everything is designed to preserve the natural environment as much as possible.

Should you stay at the “Coup de Canon” for only a few hours or a few days, your stay will be full of discoveries. It guarantees you a total immersion in nature that is delicious to (re)discover.

Translated from French by Anaelle Simon.

Welcome to Les cabanes de Canon !

We can’t wait to welcoming you !

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