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Address Kanciana Village, Desa Gunung Salak, Selemadeg Timur, Mount Batukaru, Tabanan.
PO Box 114,
Town : Tabanan
Country : Indonesia
Facility : Hotels & guest houses
Welcoming swaps : All year

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Telephone number : +62 81338042326

Bali, the island of the Gods, both mystical and spiritual. This is where John, Cath, and their son Huey decided to settle down, and develop a great example of an eco-responsible structure with the help of the traditional land owners Agung & Minni.

Bali Eco Stay is located in the Tabanan area, 2 hours from Ubud, the city of the artists. It has 8 bungalows, all of different character and design, with sumptuous views of the famous terrace shaped rice paddies.

The gardens follow the permaculture model developed by Cath. The local and traditional food come from the organic garden maintained by the local farmers, formerly trained by Cath.

The traditional water irrigation system allows the surrounding greenery and rice fields to flourish. The walk around it in the early morning is one of the highlights of our journey here.

You will be able to assist the local community and learn more about their heritage. Various workshops are offered, ranging from cooking classes to the construction of basketwork or Balinese kites. You will also be given the chance to learn about coconut oil preparation, not to mention the creation of Balinese decorations used for the numerous ceremonies that takes place around the village.

Take a book, relax with a massage while listening to the natural music of the wildlife that surrounds you. Meditate, enjoy life and live in the present moment, engage in the simple but purposeful activities in Bali Eco Stay. Bicycles and hikes are also part of the activities available for the adventurous.

A word about the culinary experience: unique. A serene atmosphere emerges from the restaurant. The traditional Java Degung Sudanese music reinforces the zen and relaxed character of the place. The dishes and meals are cooked according to your expectations. You will even be able to order your breakfast the day before so that Bali Eco Stay’s kitchen can ensure a quality of fresh and organic products.

Bali Eco Stay is located in the Tabanan area, 2 hours from Ubud. It has 8 bungalows with views of the famous paddy fields in the shape of a terrace.

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