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Together for a better tourism and a better world!
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Who is it for?

Hopineo is a non-profit collaborative platform.
Every team member and the ambassadors are volunteers.

#Local Ambassadors

You want to develop your skills in responsibletourism in your area?

#Travelling Ambassadors

You have a trip planned, and you want to put more sense into your project?

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How ?

According to one’s free time and wishes, there are many options.

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Main Missions :

→ To list responsible tourism initiatives, the HopHosts.
→ To promote skills exchanges, the HopTrips ; you can swap your skills yourself, or help travellers to organize a HopTour in your area.
→ To talk about Hopineo as much as possible, to broadcast the message.

Other possibles missions :

→ To list the “good practices” and develop tools to promote the HopSolutions.
→ To publish articles about responsible tourism on the HopBlog.
→ To assist with the translation of the website in English/Spanish/French
→ To make presentations of Hopineo in schools and universities.
→ To become part of other “houses”, cross-disciplinary work groups: coordination, communication, website, members, durability, process.

Go on a HopTour !

You are planning a trip, on a medium or long term? You would like to place it in another project with a global interest, while maximising your discoveries and learnings?

→ Become a Travelling HopAmbassador.
→ Lead a serie of HopTrips #Swap in one or several parts of the world

You help with the expansion of Hopineo and get a unique experience in responsible tourism, and in sustainable development in a more general way.
We put all the tools leading to your success at your disposal, as well as our own experiences.
If a Hopineo Ambassador has already travelled in the area you choose, he can become your HopMentor. Local ambassadors will also be able to share their contacts and advice you.

vous partagez leurs précieux contacts et conseils.

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