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La joie de vivre

Crowdfunding and open contribution

Non-profit organization, we try to imagine every day alternative operating modes. Nevertheless, we need money to live and make Hopineo live.

Since the beginning of the project, supported by the financial investment of the founders and the energy of dozens of people, we have chosen not to set a minimum amount to access the services offered by Hopineo. We can not imagine that money is a barrier to access to knowledge.

The financial sustainability of the project is therefore based on free and informed contribution of users and beneficiaries of the platform, but also citizens and organizations who want to support us or to partner with us.

Discover below the various ways to contribute financially to Hopineo.

(We communicate regularly and upon request, the Hopineo budget and its evolution. Contact us for more information.)

We are all concerned! 5, 10, 50, 500 ou 1 000 euros:

Click on the “Donate” button on the right side and give the amount of your choice to Hopineo through PayPal >>>

You can also support us by purchasing one of our products:
Post card from a HopAmbassador

A postcard of one of the HopAmbassadors around the world!
(Out of 5 euros, 3 to 4 go to Hopineo)

HopTag traveling

A travel bag tag 100% fair trade, produced by our partner Lygo.
(Out of 10 euros, 8.9 euros go to Hopineo, minus shipping costs)

Lilo et les gouttes d'eau pour les projets sociaux et environnementaux

Browse usefully with Lilo

Browse usefully with the search engine Lilo:

  • By doing your research on the web, you fund Hopineo freely and without effort!
    Did you know ? Using traditional search engines, you finance them to the tune of approximately 30 euros per year. With Lilo, that is Hopineo (or other social and environmental projects) you are giving this money to.

  • And your personal data is protected. Smart! isn’t it?

Install Lilo or, if you already use it, click here to join our community.

Picto HopHost

Tourism professionals and future partners

You are a tourism professional and wish to contribute to the financial sustainability of the community, but you do not have enough cash?
Here is what we have imagined to allow you to contribute, without getting any money out directly:

  • You give us vouchers for your touristic services (nights if you are a hotel, meals for a restaurant, tours or stays for tour operators).
  • We sell those vouchers to the community’s travelers.

This system may also work with other partners: responsible tourism training organisations, travel products or services, … 

To learn more: